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This is a part of a series of articles with questions, which will help us understand our emotions and how we can free ourselves from unwanted ones.

Some questions that might be useful here are:

1."What are the issues or matters about which you have anxiety or worry?"

2. " How often do you have these feelings?"

3. "Why are these issues or subjects important to you? Explain.

4. "What do you fear will happen if this matter does not turn out as you want it to?" What it is that you will not be able to deal with?" "What will be unbearable for you?"

5. "If in, actuality, this matter does not turn out as you want it to, how long do you think it will take you to re-find your peace and happiness?"

6. "Why do you doubt that this matter will turn out as you want it to?" " What programming or beliefs cause you to fear that it will not happen as you want it to?"

7. "Does your anxiety or worry help you to solve the problem, or function more effectively, so as to get the results that you want, or does it cause your mind to waste energy, time, and perhaps even sleep on negative thoughts?"

8. " Do you want to have anxiety or to worry?" "If not, why not?" " Why would you prefer not have this anxiety or worry? What are its negative effects in your life?"

9. "Which beliefs will you need to change in order to think more positively in these cases and be more sure that things will turn out as you want them to?"

10. " Which beliefs will you need to change in order to believe that, even in the possible case that things do not happen as you want them to, that you will be okay, that you will survive and will again be happy?"

11. " Is it possible that you might not want to stop worrying, that you are getting something out of this, perhaps a part of you (perhaps subconscious) likes for some reason to worry or have anxiety? If so, what might be the gain?"

12. " Is there anything which you would like to express to others concerning these matters?"

Now you may like to describe how you would like to think, feel and respond in future situations. You may find it more powerful to write your description in the present tense as if it is already a reality.

For more on dealing with emotions you might want to check out these sources:

If we care for our bodies and minds,
they will care for us.
Be Well
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His writings can be viewed at where you can also download FREE articles and e-books.)
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