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How to get what you want with seduction?

This is the key to happiness. The mystery of the art of seduction lies in several topics. We will deal here generally with the main ones: beauty, social status, and sexy look.

OK, now it's over.
No more parties without trying your new seduction technique, and going back home with a number or a date!

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Seduction tip N° 1

We are all singles
It's not because you are told that S/He has a partner that you can't take your chance and approach. Most of girls or guys feel stupid being bachelor, so they always have somebody far away who cares for them. The truth is that if they really cared for someone special, they would be together.

And most sinking couples are clutching at a straw. They are only waiting for a lifejacket or a life line: YOU.

Nonetheless, leave alone people who you feel are really in love, even if they are facing storms in their couple. Their love will be stronger, and there's no need to bring anymore mess in their relationship. Listen to them, bring them support.

But many people who have already somebody in their life are not happy. Life moves fast and unhappy lovers know it. If you feel there's a big chance for a breakup. You just have to be there, and be exactly what your someone special is looking for. The right person, at the right place, at the right time.

Careful, don't get involved with them until they really know what they're looking for. Many people are just trying to clutch at any straw in the storm. You would just waste your time.

80% of people fail on that one

Seduction tip N° 2

Get ready
Did D'artagnan never practice fencing before battles? Did he go out without his sword? Don't go to the Battle of Love unarmed, you need preparation and skills. But when on the battle field, pull out the sword! Make a move. You can't miss. If somebody touches you and you can perceive a few combinations of signals, it doesn't mean" I'm sorry", it means: "You're nice. Why don't you talk to me?"

70% of people fail on that one

Seduction tip N° 3

If you want to attract people: Be attractive.
You send plenty of information without talking, and sometimes long before stepping in a room. You have to work on sending positive signals. It takes time to be attractive, so start right now.

50% of people fail on that one

Look beautiful

Seduction is about presenting the best you can. Start in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Personality counts but looks DO matter. First thing the opposite sex or potential lovers do when looking at you: ranking you on a scale of 1 to 10. You and only You can influence the ranking.
Guys: buildup confidence and become more masculine with class.
Girls: buildup personality and become more feminine and desirable.

Personality counts. Put a smile on your face and you will appear much better looking right away! Love life to be loved, and let your personality shine through like a ray of sunshine over the Eiffel Tower. No matter what, beaming with joy makes you extremely attractive and sexy to potential lovers.

Work on your body, your face, your hair and the way you present yourself as if you were a prince or a princess.

Look smart

Nice shoes, jacket, shirt, skirt, coat, suit, hair gel, Girls: lipstick, hairspray, bracelet, ear rings.
Shoes, food, rings, bracelet are signs of wealth.

Your personality, your education, Your mouth is like an American Express card. The way you speak shows more about your education and wealth (spirit and cash) than any sports car, fashion dress or diamond ring. Words are magic. Here lies one of the mysteries attached to the French Lover. A successful Lover knows how to speak to the girls. Language works for girls as well. You can make or break your first contact as soon as you open your mouth. Become a magician.

Look sexy

There is nothing more sexy than the way you move. And everybody can move. Second tip: hit with your lips, your hair, your smile, your touch. Ladies, don't forget to run your fingers through your hair, one of the sexiest turn-on throughout ages.

Show your body


Work on the way you look at her. Don't show but suggest your masculinity. Arms, pecs, butts and legs are what women are looking at. Go training more often. If you are overweight and not happy with it, start losing weight. Stop thinking that being nice is enough. It is NOT.

Stop thinking: "Why do nice girls fall for the wrong guys?"

Just because they were more confident and they looked better than you. I know it hurts, but face the facts. And do something about it. You can be the nicest guy on earth, you can be ready to swim across the Atlantic ocean for the girl you love: it is NOT ENOUGH. If girls don't feel attracted to you, first time they look at you: you LOOSE.

I can show you different ways to increase your seduction power, but you have to work on it everyday yourself. What can you do? Look at the others, compare your style, and improve your potential. Then, girls ( and guys as well!) will start complimenting you, or looking at you when you're passing-by. And you will WIN.

You have to be good-looking, cuuuute, handsome and have charm. You just have to be a MAN.


Show your femininity, décolleté and dress. Guys are not looking at your neck when you turn around. In no more than 1 second, they will be interested or not.

Unfortunately, and I do regret it, but most Men will make very harsh decisions. Some might think: "She's too old, she's too fat, too big, or even too thin with just bones on her back. " But she'll never be too sexy. To become sexy, start by asking yourself the right question:
"Am I sexy or attractive?"

I know plenty of women who are over 55, or overweight or very skinny, and they can be EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE!

Most people were not born with a perfect face or a perfect body, but the greatness of life is that we can improve it every day!

The amazing thing is that everybody can change and become a beauty. But it takes a bit of time, discipline, motivation and tenacity. There comes a day when you have to switch on the attraction light. You have to become psychologically fit to kill. The best way to change on the outside is to change on the inside. I mean being more happy in the body, changing a bit food habits and getting some physical exercise.

Eat well and be physically active. Anybody who takes care of their body exudes a certain confidence.

Then very quickly, it's a snowball effect. You feel better, you're more happy, you smile more and everybody loves you.

Then the opposite sex starts the approach and moving in because you're a sex bomb.

Be hunting to be hunted

Why are you here, I mean on this planet? What is you primary need after food and shelter? To find the man or the woman of your life? So move on. Show that you are interested. How many times have you waited on the platform looking at trains going to paradise destinations. Stop looking, approach to be approached, but don't waste your time. Trying to get in all the trains will not get you closer to your destination.

To be hunted, just be seen. Let's say, you're a Porsche, don't stay in the garage. Don't let your horse race stay in the stall, let it free and ride the countryside. At a party, be open and available. In a group, be seen and as often as possible, but don't stay in the group. Go to the kitchen, to another room, to the bar, get some fresh air outside. And if you're a girl, be clumsy. Even if you've been a waitress for 5 years, you don't know how to open a tin can or a bottle of wine. Be open with your body language.
Make eye contact , and say "I'm sorry" to as many people as you can. This is an excellent icebreaker, smile, legs, face, hair touch, eye contact. Show as much as possible that you are there.

Action speaks louder than words. Did Napoleon look at his objectives for ages before getting into action? No, once he had decided the strategy, he launched his attack. When seeing a potential lover you'd like to approach, make eye-contact, smile, nod. And launch the strike: brush up against him/her. Touch accidentally or when you're passing-by. Excuse-me... take gently the arm. Provoke and play. But don't show too much you are interested. Don't say for example: do you want to sit (by me)? Do you want some wine? The trick is to be approached and talked to as much as possible.

Faint heart never won fair lady.

Be the best

As soon as you made the 1st contact, you can play games. Your main question is "what is s/he looking for?" "What kind of man/woman is s/he looking for? Once you have a fair answer, just be the best at that moment in that range.

Never forget that you have to be at your best. Good luck!

Your French Coach,


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About the author: French Doc is a famous dating expert and resides in Paris, the city of love.