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The Four Magic Sentences For A Date
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Silence is GOLD.

Never, never, never ask someone for a date. No more rejection! Would you jump from the highest diving-board in a swimming-pool without checking if there's water in? Always check the water first. I'm going to tell you how to check the depth of the water, and its temperature as well. Every answer from the girl has to be positive. If the answers are cold, don't push your luck. Let it go. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

The trick is that you can't be rejected, because you're not asking a "YES" or "NO" question. You don't put pressure on your potential date. You avoid answers like "No", or worse "I don't know...", "I'm not sure..."

You know immediately where you stand. You don't wreck your brain. Are you ready? Here are the MAGIC SENTENCES to ask a girl for a date.


YOU: What are you doing this weekend? Silence

YOU: We should do something some day... we should go out some day. Silence
If the answer is positive and only it it's positive, you go on.

YOU: What do you like to do? Silence

YOU: Let's do something you like to do... Silence

It's like driving a race car. You shift gears: 1st gear - 2nd gear...
But there's no reason to change up gears, if all of a sudden:

- you hear the engine is making a funny noise
- you notice patches of black ice before taking a bend
- you see smoke getting out of the hood

If it happens, slow down, and get out of the car.

Is that difficult? Don't ask for a date, suggest. If you're with the RIGHT partner, why wouldn't S/He say yes? How could S/He not fall in your arms after that?... Follow my advice, and one day, you'll reach top speed on the track of love!

I bet you the Eiffel Tower and the castle of Versailles that you can't miss with that!

If you want the full version of "how to ask a girl for a date?" click here.

Come back often to visit Relax, and have fun.
Bonne chance!

Your French Coach,


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About the author: Doc LAMOUR is a famous dating expert and resides in Paris, the city of love