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Five Things Girls Love To Hear
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5 Things Girls love to hear


I have asked 250 girls round the world to give me the one and only tip guys should know when dating. Here are the statistics results: the top 5 things girls love to hear are...

  • Compliments
  • Compliments
  • Compliments
  • Compliments
  • Compliments

That's what girls answered to the question. Every single girl likes to be listened to and complimented, brushed and over-brushed in the right way, at the right time, by the right person. Pay attention to her, be honest, and speak from your heart. But don't overdo it.

It's like cooking and French cuisine. A pinch of salt is perfect. But too much salt, and you ruin the whole dish.

Indirect Compliments
Very subtle at first.

- I like this color.
- You're right.
If she's preparing a dish: "Mmmm... It smells good"
While eating "It's delicious" and ask question: "How did you do that?"

But never never speak about tits, legs, ass on a first approach. Too sexual. And it would be perceived as a major intrusion. What you think is a compliment might be very well be perceived as an insult. Especially with North American, and that's not what you want.

Direct Compliments

Excellent for first approach.
- I like your shirt. I like your skirt... I like your earrings.
- I like your bracelet. Can I see it?
- I like your bag... I love the sound of your voice.

More Sensual
- I like your hair.
- I like the way you dress. Your hair looks so soft. Hmmm... you smell good.

It means more or less: I like you. I offer you this compliment as a proof of my recognition. Let's be friends.

Anything sensual, nothing sexual or related to the body, unless you can defuse it with humor. Otherwise it might be too direct.

There is no pretty woman who would turn down regular compliments and entertaining company from a handsome guy.

Direct Body Compliments

- Nice legs!
Careful with it. We are entering the Danger Zone. It's like nitroglycerine and can blow up your face any minute if you don't know how to use it. Many girls can take that as an insult. It's like saying: "nice ass". Use it only when you know the girl and you perceived flirting signals. Never before. Because it means more or less: "my hand would fit very well on your legs, and I'd like to..."

Girls usually don't like that, unless they like you already or your name is George Clooney. But how can they like you if it's your first words and they don't even know you? Believe me, Guys, there are better ways to give a killer first impression.

Moreover if a girl has nice legs, do you think she waited for you to notice it? If you say it, you act as a beggar and you give away all your feelings. Seduction is like poker not a demolition site. You don't want the girl to see you as the guys with helmets behind the fence where it's written "Under construction".

But once she brushed up against you, or you can touch her anytime, fine by me.

Top compliments
- You're gorgeous.
- You're very pretty.
- You're beautiful... or You look beautiful tonight...
These top compliments will make her melt. 100% guarantee!

You have to find elements in the situation (clothes, attitude, haircut, personality...) anything related to her and special to that moment so your compliment will be totally honest.

Personal compliments
- You are très belle, tonight, Mademoiselle.
And she will feel as attractive as a French lady.

(In a hot spanish accent)
- You're loking nice today senorita!"
And she will feel great, as sexy as Jennifer Lopez on a hot tin roof.

Indirect Top compliments
Quite smart. " You know you're..."
- You know you're gorgeous
- You know how much I care for you

Hot compliments
Once you become very intimate, treat your Lady as a Princess, more than ever. One of the best way to turn Her wild into bed is to make Her feel sooo GOOD. You can deliver hot compliments while making love...
- I love your skin. So soft.
- I love the taste of your skin.
- Let me watch you. You're beautiful.
- I love the smell of your sex...

The French lover knows how to speak to ladies. The romance is in the attitude and in the words. Any Lady likes to be appreciated for what She is. Any Girl likes to be loved.

I don't say that's how you get girls interested. Don't compliment at the very beginning. Remain solid as a rock and a big challenge for her.

As I keep saying, chasing women is like playing poker. Don't show your cards right away and the game will be interesting for Her. Play your compliment-card, when it's your turn. Not before. Women were huntresses hundreds of years ago. They still are. They love to run after YOU and get YOU.

But once you know for sure you've gained interest, find the right words, and let them drop on Her body like the precious pearls of a necklace. You will become her charming prince, her French lover. And she will fall in your strong arms like the river in the waterfalls.

If you have any fantastic compliments to suggest, things that Girls love to hear, send me a mail.

Bonne chance, my friend!

If you want to know how to make anyone crazy about you, look at my success seduction guide "The French Secrets".


Your French Coach,


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About the author: Doc Lamour is a famous international dating expert and resides in Paris, the city of love.