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Ten Ways To Break Your Approach
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In the art of Seduction, there are no second chances.

People do judge you in a split second

- Voice :
I have a friend who is so shy that he doesn't even articulate. People can't get a word of what he says. It brings all of a sudden a weird atmosphere. People frown, so he has to repeat, and it gives a very bad image of himself at the very beginning. This is exactly what you want to avoid.

As you begin wondering: "what am I going to say?", check your pulse. A brief acceleration is normal. If your heart makes Boum-Boum-Boum, and you have difficulties breathing in, then thats a good sign that you lack confidence. If your voice might not come out easily, then you may need to back up and delay your approach.

Solution: for God's sake, relax and get a confident voice. Don't stumble. Articulate, and speak it loud. Get your voice out of your mouth. Stop mumbling. I know it's difficult. Try to take a position which helps you to breathe in and out easily. Open your torso and your arms.

You can put a hand on the table or on the wall. Don't speak too quickly, nor too slowly. Open your body. Study famous actors, the way they use their hands, arms, their body position.

Learn your line by heart: Hello, would you know...?"


- Words
Just the way you choose words is very important. Choose them as French jewelers, from the Place Vendome, choose the diamonds to go on a wedding ring. I have a good friend who is a nice chap, but every time he speaks with a girl, he uses very straight or dominant language. It does betray him right away. His compliments are too direct, almost aggressive. His style becomes hostile. If he was relaxed, he would never use such words. Be confident and use the magic of strong words softly spoken.

- Get rid of negative vocabulary. 1 sentence or 2 maximum, at a time.
- Avoid as well, undermining vocabulary "My father has got a small car, I have a small job, a small salary, and a very small bedroom." You just transmit wrong signals like you have a small personality, small breast or small penis.

- Just be assertive, positive and enthusiast. And all the girls or guys will be excited by your experiences. The conversation will be flowing like a river. They will drink up your words like fresh water. And you will be solid as the mountain.


- Shifty look
You look like a vampire, ready for a bad action and looking to suck blood. Are you preparing for a fly by night operation or for seduction? Please choose, because you can't do both. Shifty looks are the signs that you're hiding something, as if you were guilty.

- There is nothing wrong in looking at people because you think they look good. Don't stare at people, but look normal. Be proud of where you look. And if you are interested , just talk.


- Smell
I just heard the Atomic Kitten, famous girls band in Europe, saying about the Prince Charles. "He's nice"..."and he smells good!"
Don't go to a date if you feel you smell more like a repellent. Remember, you want to attract?

Solution: Be healthy. Have some kind of physical exercise every day. Be clean.
Be fresh, 24/7. Make sure your car, your office, your lift, your flat is as fresh as the air of the Alps. Have a shower minimum twice a day.

And always be top of the top, before meeting your potential lover. Use deodorant, after-shave and eau de toilette. I strongly recommend something special like "Yves St Laurent", because if you smell good, people will ask you what you are wearing.

- " Yves St Laurent." sounds good
- " I don't know, or, cheap stuff Garbage-night from Super-Ultra Cheap," does NOT sound good.

- Skin
I know a guy who is quite handsome. But he is always nervous and he keeps on sweating. A greasy skin is not the best turn-on.

Solution: use a handkerchief to wipe and clean your face.
Acne: you have tons of products on the market, but the best bet would be to try to stay healthy.

- Let your skin breathe: no heavy make-up.
- Let your body breathe: stay away from fat, oil, butter, cream, cheese. Eat less and eat green vegetables and fruits.

Avoid the sun as it makes yours skin harder. The sun will wipe away your spots for the first days, but after a while it will be : "Spots, the Return."

- Clothes: look at you in the mirror. Honestly, what do you look like? Do you truly believe that you are attractive? Come on, a bit of common sense, and make an effort.

Solution: clothes are like a uniform which give you a rank and a position in the day-to-day civilian life. Who are you? What do you want to show? If you're not sure, don't take risks. By trying to be fashion, you get easily out of fashion.

Guys: don't take chances. You need to be dressed well, no matter what. So, design your uniform: the way you are dressed the best. Navy blue, white, dark, beige. Green if you have green eyes.

- Hair
I was once interested in a girl, Claire, very pretty, brunette with green eyes. We were having a hot chocolate in a bistro on the Champs Elysees. She was wearing a training sweatshirt, when I saw she had dandruff in her cap: Thank you, Good bye.
In the art of Seduction, there are no second chances. You pass or you break.

- again, be healthy. Stay in good condition. Avoid stress and pollution.

- Your nails
As soon as you speak with somebody, when people don't look at your face, they look at your hands or at your shoes. I remember a book from Conan Doyle where the famous detective Sherlock Holmes was able to know exactly the job of one of the suspect, just by looking at his hands. Please note that hands are very revealing of the way you live, and of your character. Tobacco, bite nails, hurt, injured, grease, nail-varnish and even the color of the varnish...

- Don't bite your nails. Avoid stress. Wash your hands regularly and properly.


- Shoes
Shoes have to fit. Black shoes can go almost with everything. Please be extremely careful and ask for advice when you go in other colors. Many men have been ruled out of the Good list because girls knew they would never be able to introduce them to their friends as they looked like clowns. I give you a tip: when you have a hard time judging somebody, look at the shoes. They will tell you more than you want to know because shoes don't lie.

- Get nice classic shoes.


- Breath: who do you think is going to enjoy your garlic breath? Do you think a tobacco, wine or beer breath gives you a plus?

- Always brush your teeth after a meal. Please don't use chewing-gum. You saturate your teeth with sugar, they don't need it, nor your stomach. Just be healthy.

At a party, drink less, but get the guts to talk to people that you are interested in.

If you want to know how to make anyone crazy about you, I put the best tricks and seduction techiques in my success guide "The French Secrets".

Bonne chance!


Your French Coach,


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About the author: Doc Lamour is a famous dating expert and resides in Paris, the city of love.