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Are You Making Any Of The Twelve dating Mistakes?
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Love is like to fly a plane. Doesn't allow much mistakes.


To start off, the best dating advice I can give is to avoid these common dating mistakes.

Dating somebody is investing hours, days, months, maybe years of your life. Any investment needs a positive return on investment to be successful. It's like business.


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Most opening businesses fail within 1 year, because they never really study the market, their niche, the main points in business. Price, product, competition. The economy market has laws, the most common one is the law of supply and demand. And if you respect these laws or if you fit in the market, you can be extremely successful. Yet, if your product doesn't fit the market, doesn't answer to customers needs, or if you even fail at considering the competition, you're bound to bankrupt and failure. So does love.

Dating advice is like business advice. You have to get the best to avoid failure.

By just avoiding making mistakes, you tremendously increase your chance of success. It is a natural law.

Are you making one of the 12 Dating Mistakes?

I truly hope that you are not doing any of the 12 dating mistakes below. Let's check it out.

Are you dating or planning to date anybody who...?

  • do drugs
  • suffer from low self-esteem
  • is constantly trying to change you or put you down
  • is unbalanced
  • is not faithful

  • wants to push you to do things you don't want
  • doesn't give you enough affection
  • is not happy with you or doesn't make you happy
  • is not 100 % available
  • is often busy or you can feel is hiding another relationship from you

  • somebody who doesn't really love you
  • somebody that you don't really love


If you are:

For me, it's as if you were trying to land an F16 in the night, on top of the Himalayas. Your chances of success are very, VERY low - not to say nonexistent. My only suggestion to you is to focus on the red button and ...




Success in dating

Dating is building up a relationship between 2 people. And you need solid bricks which fit and adapt to one another to build up a couple. Yet, lots of people do the same common mistakes. And the beautiful architecture they tried to elaborate is bound to collapse one day or another.

First, you have to build up on solid ground, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You can't build up for long on a swamp. Check the earth to be sure of foundations, then you need a good architect and good materials which adapt to one another. Simple. You can do it. And the sun will shine on your roof like it does over Paris, right now.

If you want to know how to make anyone crazy about you, I put the best tricks and seduction techniques in my success guide "The French Secrets".

Bonne chance!


Your French Coach,


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About the author: Doc Lamour is a famous dating expert and resides in Paris, the city of love.