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The French kiss is sensual and exciting. Such a kiss can make your love and desire catch fire. French kissing has as much powerful effect as striking a match on the prairie covered with straw, in the summer heat, when the sunset sets the sky ablaze.

How to be sensual and the best in the most intimate kiss...

  • Get a sensual mouth. Brush and floss your teeth. Drink water. A fresh and healthy kiss is the most erotic French kiss.
  • Clean hair and body. Shave, after-shave. Shower and shampoo.
  • Look at your partner innocently or dominantly
  • Get closer and kiss softly
  • Begin gently licking your lover on the lips
  • Feel the responding satin tongue roaming your mouth
  • Visit your partner's mouth, slowly.
  • Time after time, get deeper and more intimate.
  • The best French kiss takes time.
  • Push your tongue into your partner's mouth, or let you lead
  • Don't give your mouth all of a sudden.
  • Don't take over your partner's mouth immediately. Let the fire spread slowly.
  • Show resistance, to get more desire.
  • Close your eyes and let you blown away in the wind of passion
  • Bite your partner's lip with your teeth. Gently.
  • Look at your partner lovingly.

    How to fan the flames...

  • When you stop to breathe in, let your breath caresses your partner's face in a murmur like the embers caressed by the wind
  • Close down the kiss shortly to provoke frustration and get an immediate back-draft
  • Play with your hands. Press your bust, your body against your lover's
  • Sensual sounds. Intimate moans. Press your body closer.
  • Arouse desire. Increase your breathe, and share your excitement.

  • Passionate French kiss. Take and give everything immediately, and spread like a sensual explosion.
  • Let your hands wander away, run your fingers through your lover's hair, caress shoulder, back, breast..
  • Feel the skin on the forearm, the inside is more sensitive
  • Go under the shirt without being invited, travel on the back and front, and get as intimate as you can.
  • Press your body against your lover's and let the fire break out inside...

French kiss definition an explosive surge in a fire occurring when 2 pairs of lips are suddenly mixed with a combustible desire.

If you want to know how to make anyone crazy about you, I put the best seduction techniques in my success guide "The French Secrets".

Note the French kiss is not only about the contact of 2 pairs of lips. Extend and use the powerful attraction of the sense of smell and touch. Breathe in and out, blow the sensual breeze, smell and perfume, soften your taste, warm up eye-contact, body-contact, murmur and moans, and you'll be blown away by the wind.


Your French Coach,


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About the author: Doc Lamour is a famous dating and romantic expert who resides in Paris, the city of love.