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How to Know if a Guy Likes You?

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How to know if a guy likes you?

You don't have to love in words, even through silences love is always heard.


ACTION speaks louder than words, is a good dating advice. Don't wait for words, look for ACTION.

You just have to look for positive signs, or buying signals if:

  1. he comes close to you
  2. he tries to make you laugh
  3. he asks you questions
  4. he tries to make you talk about yourself
  5. he asks for your phone number or Email
  6. he tries to demonstrate in the conversation his men's qualities
  7. he's trying to sell himself (sports, work, wealth... )
  8. he offers help
  9. he gives you a compliment
  10. he blushes when you talk to him
  11. you see he gets nervous when you're around
  12. he's nervous while talking to you (hands, eyes, voice...
    usually you can notice because he's doing too much
  13. he plays with an object (cigarette, pen, glass...)
  14. he can't help looking at you, and when you look at him: he suddenly looks in another direction
  15. he can't help making eye-contact with you
  16. he reveals his feelings in a disguised way, and say: just kidding
  17. he tries to be with you
  18. he offers you something
  19. he makes an effort with his outfit
  20. he tries to be more hansome (hairdresser, new clothes, shoes, watch...)
  21. he fakes jealousy for fun
  22. he invites you indirectly or he suggests any activity
  23. he likes to borrow anything from you, (typex, pen, rubber, clothes...)
  24. when there's nothing left for you, he says: you can take mine
  25. he asks you for help when he could ask somebody else
  26. he likes your firstname and likes to pronounce it
  27. he likes your clothes
  28. he wants to be with you
  29. he wants to hear your voice
  30. he touches you accidentally or gently (arm, shoulder, hand...)
  31. he likes to be close to you or in your space
  32. he's usually looking at you
  33. he's looking at you when leaving a room
  34. he gazes in your eyes with love


If you can say YES to all these above, I strongly suggest that you start moving. ACTION!

Don't invite him in, but let the door open. Smiling to him will be better than a long letter.
You can say: "I would like to do something this weekend, but I dont know what..."

Let him have the guts to open the door, and propose. Maybe you will end up in a romantic
trip, and why not, kissing in Paris?

If you're still not sure about his feelings, don't show too much. Be pretty as can be.
And remain a challenge!

If you want to know how to make anyone crazy about you, I put the best tricks
in my success seduction guide "The French Secrets".

Your French Coach,

© Copyright

About the author: French Doc, alias Doc Lamour is a famous international dating
expert who resides in Paris, the city of love.

Edited By: SHY United